Tsai sets out four missions to complete following US tour

By Stephanie Chao ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Chairwoman and presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen (���^��) announced yesterday the four main missions that she will strive to complete in the next stage of her presidential campaign.

During the DPP Central Standing Committee meeting held yesterday, the chairwoman implored party members to remember the mistakes of the past, and urged the ultimate goal of not only winning the 2016 election, but also achieving the first party alternation in the Legislature of Taiwan’s young democracy.

Tsai called upon DPP members from local governments as well as the Legislature to fulfill the four missions, including the most urgent matter: improving negotiations with the third-party forces for the legislative election, which is still at an impasse.

Based upon the DPP’s prior ruling experience, Tsai noted that a majority in the Legislature is the only way to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. She added that the lack of sustaining policies in the DPP-led government was due to how they were a legislative minority, even during the recent constitutional amendment conferences where DPP-backed proposals were often shot down by the ruling Kuomintang (KMT).

For the second mission, Tsai said that DPP-backed think tanks will continually push forward policy proposals based on current issues, such as long-term care, unemployment, a new economic system, food safety and other social welfare issues.

For the third mission, the chairwoman also asked DPP members from local governments to the Legislature to propose a ��consolidated governance plan,�� in order to fulfill the ��regional governance�� tactic proposed in 2014, as a way to transform the current structure of the Legislature.

Tsai called for a ��transparent�� election campaign in her fourth mission statement, in not only financial and donation matters, but in every campaign effort to unite the nation. She cited the 2016 elections as a ��movement to renovate Taiwan,�� and to achieve this, a transparent election battle is a must.

Maintain Current Affairs

with China In response to the China’s Taiwan Affairs Office’s (���x��) another attempt at slamming Tsai’s vague stance, DPP spokesman Cheng Yun-peng (�G�B�P) said that continual stable and peaceful cross-strait relations is a ��responsibility of both sides,�� and implored further discussion to clear the air.

Cheng also reiterated Tsai’s stance on cross-strait ties; she has already ��made herself quite clear�� that she will base her proposal on the R.O.C. Constitution, the people’s will and the fruits of labor of the past 20 years of negotiations.

During the meeting, Tsai had concluded her U.S. tour with two main messages: first, to continue strengthening Taiwan’s democracy and ensuring a democratic and free society, and second, to continue a ��consistent and predictable�� cross-strait relationship.

In other news, Cheng stated that Tsai had said during the meeting that the DPP is also willing to share experiences combatting SARS with the central government, after listening in on a report about MERS prevention measures. She further stated that the DPP backs the Executive Yuan’s decision to raise travel alerts to South Korea.