Aunt, boyfriend accused of torturing 3-year-old; girl passes away at hospital

By Sun Hsin-hsuan ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — After 30 hours of treatment at the Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital (�O�����|), a 3-year-old girl allegedly abused by her aunt and her boyfriend was certified dead last night, according to prosecutors.

On June 9, the 3-year-old girl was sent to a hospital in Ji-an Township, Hualien, after she had fainted at home. According to doctors, the girl was found with several bruises over her body when she arrived at the hospital. Medical workers then called welfare institutions and the police as they suspected that the girl had had been abused. According to police officers, the girl, surnamed Lin, had been living with her aunt and her boyfriend, identified as Huang Wen-cheng (�����F). Huang and Lin’s aunt are currently in custody. According to prosecutors, Lin’s aunt said that she heard a loud ��bang�� while she washed the dishes in the kitchen at around 3 p.m. on June 9. When she came out to check, Lin, who had previously been left alone to eat, had passed out on the floor and was not breathing, she said. She then tried calling 119, and conducted CPR with instructions given by the medical workers over the phone. Her efforts were unsuccessful. Prosecutors said that the girl regained a pulse after being sent to the hospital, however, her injuries proved fatal.

According to the doctors, Lin had bruises all over her body and was malnourished. She was reportedly as small and skinny as a 1-year-old. Doctors determined that her most aggravated injury was a comminuted bone fracture to the skull. An investigation began soon after the doctors called the welfare institutions on June 9. According to police, Lin’s aunt and Huang accused each other of abusing the girl when they were first taken into custody.

According to prosecutors, Huang later admitted to hitting the girl with bamboo sticks and clothes hangers, burning her body parts with cigarette butts and her right feet with lighters, as well as tying her up with strings and forcing her into wardrobes. He also claimed to have routinely refused to let the girl eat dinner. Police officers said that Huang has a criminal record of robbery and drug use. Lin’s aunt also admitted to slapping her in the face when she knocked over a cup of water last week, officers said. She also accused Huang of picking up the girl and smashing her head hard onto the bed, officers said.

Girl’s Mother Kept Silent The girl’s mother showed up at the Hualien District Prosecutors Office (�Ὤ�a�˸p) yesterday afternoon. According to officers, reporters questioned her as to why she had left the girl with her aunt soon after her birth, however the mother remained silent and left immediately. Doctors placed Lin’s time of death at around 7 p.m. yesterday, after 30 hours of emergency treatment. Lin’s aunt and Huang will be charged with aggravated assault, officers said.