Taipei finishes probe of corruption cases

By Chi-hao James Lo ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taipei City’s Clean Government Committee (CGC, �O�_���F���G�F�z���e���|) yesterday concluded phased investigations on Taipei’s five major corruption and malpractice cases, and sent four cases further into the investigative process. Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je (�_����) was in attendance at the fifth meeting of the CGC yesterday, which presented the investigative recommendations for the city’s five construction cases: the MeHas City (���e��) development project, the Songshan Cultural Park (�Q�Ҥ���), the Gate of Taipei construction project (���l�P), the Syntrend Creative Park (�T�мƦ��ͬ�����) and the Taipei Dome. Before the meeting, possible results and several rumors circled in local media, including talk of the possibility that the CGC would seek to recommend the prosecution of former Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin (�q�s�y) and former Taipei Finance Department Commissioner Lee Sush-der (���z�w). Between 3 p.m. and 5:30 p.m., the CGC convened and presented the following recommendations to Ko: The corruption and government malpractice allegation case surrounding the Taipei Dome should be forwarded to the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) for further investigation, while the MeHas City, the Songshan Cultural and the Syntrend Creative Park cases should be delivered to the Control Yuan for further probing. The only case that the CGC cleared of the necessity for further investigations was the Gate of Taipei project, which CGC members condemned only for the city government’s lack of adherence to proper procedures, but found no cause for the case to be prosecuted. During a post-CGC meeting press conference yesterday evening, Taipei Deputy Mayor Teng Chia-chi (�H�a��) said the five cases are only the beginning of the CGC’s service, and the committee will continue to investigate cases for the Taipei public in the future. The deputy mayor also said Hau was not talked about during the meeting, but will be addressed in the next meeting.

Reasons for Further Government Investigations Explained During the process of the CGC meeting, the committee explained the individual reasons for sending four cases for further investigation by higher government agencies. Of the Taipei Dome case, the CGC said that following the first-case conclusion announcement from the last meeting, the CGC received a response from Lee to clear his name. However, the committee has deemed the information from Lee to be different from the discovered evidence, and recommended the MOJ’s involvement in the case and that Lee be investigated. On the MeHas City case, the CGC implored the city to forward the case to the Control Yuan, and also bring a fraud lawsuit against Radium Life Tech (���ӥ�) for shirking responsibilities and cheating the city out of NT$7.7 billion. The Songshan Cultural Park and Syntrend Creative Park cases have unveiled possible government involvement and malpractice, the CGC said, which is why the Control Yuan should continue the case to determine individual responsibilities and subsequent punishments.