Ambassador visits Kuo diner amid new bonds

By Joseph Yeh, The China Post

The Honduran ambassador to Taiwan recently visited a diner owned by a family who previously wrongfully accused him of a hit-and-run in a move to signify the forming of a new friendship. In a post on his Facebook page on June 14, Ambassador Rafael Fernando Sierra Quesada posted several photos he took while visiting the breakfast diner owned by the Kuo family in New Taipei’s Tamsui District. ��Delicious breakfast, thanks to the Kuo family for the invitation, after all I won new friends,�� the caption said. The visit came as a response to the invitation extended by the Kuo family who previously visited the ambassador to apologize over a false hit-and-run accusation the family raised against him. The mother of a 15-year-old scooter rider, surnamed Kuo, accused the ambassador of a hit-and-run on a Tamsui District Facebook page following a traffic accident on May 17 that involved her son and Sierra. In her post, Kuo’s mother accused Sierra of a hit-and-run, saying he was not willing to take responsibility for the incident and compensate the teenager’s losses. However, Sierra later told local media that he did stay at the scene of the accident. He also left his name card so that he could be reached. The police also later confirmed that the teenager was apparently making an illegal left turn when the accident occurred. The rider was also driving without a license.

During the previous visit with the Kuo’s family to the Honduras Embassy, Sierra accepted their apology and promised to visit their diner sometime.