Goni veers away but brings heavy rainfall

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Typhoon Goni veered east yesterday, away from Taiwan and the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said that it would most likely not be issuing a land warning.

As of 5 p.m. yesterday, Typhoon Goni was 230 kilometers southeast of Erluanbi (鵝鑾鼻), moving north-northeast at a speed of 18 kilometers per hour. It is predicted to be over the sea 290 kilometers away from Taipei at 5 p.m. today. Although the typhoon will not make landfall in Taiwan, the outer rim of the storm has been affecting the island, said the CWB. Orchid Island has experienced a range of wind speeds at level seven on the Beaufort scale and the strongest gusts reached level 14. As of early yesterday, it was approaching Green Island (綠島), threatening the Bashi Channel (巴士海峽), and the east and north coasts of Taiwan.

Accumulated rainfall of more than 100 millimeters has been reported from weather stations in Hualien’s (花蓮) Taroko (太魯閣) and Zhongxing (中興), according to the CWB. A heavy rain warning was also issued yesterday afternoon as mountainous regions in Yilan (宜蘭) and Hualien experienced torrential rain and the eastern region of Taiwan, mountains in the northern region, the central-south region as well as the Hengchun Peninsula (恆春半島) experienced heavy rain showers. The CWB cautioned the public in Northern Taiwan about the possibility of sudden heavy rain and to be prepared for landslides, falling rocks or flooding in low land areas. Keelung Fire Department (基隆消防局) also reported yesterday that coastal waves have reached four to five meters and are still increasing in height. The fire department suggests the public avoid activities by the sea and recommends those who live near rivers or the sea to keep an eye on water levels.

According to local news reports, vegetable prices have increased 3.6-percent compared to Friday. There were also reports of people stocking up on mineral water due to the problem of muddy tap water after Typhoon Soudelor hit.

The Directorate General of Highways (公路總局) has called on the public not to go to the mountains in the east and southern regions of Taiwan and that lanes might be closed on provincial highways No. 9 and No. 11 if water levels rise. In addition, a total of 57 ferry trips will be canceled, said the Maritime and Port Bureau (航港局). Taiwan High Speed Rail will maintain regular operations.