July jobless rate hits 3.82%


Taipei – Taiwan’s unemployment rate in July hit 3.82 percent, up by 0.11 percentage points from June but down by 0.20 percentage points from a year earlier, the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS) reported Monday.

Although it posted a slight rise in comparison with the previous month, the July unemployment rate was the lowest in the same month since 2000.

Chang Yun-yun, deputy chief of the census division of the DGBAS, attributed the monthly uptick to graduates’ entering the job market, but he also said that there is no obvious change in the labor force market currently.

The unemployment condition needs to be closely monitored in the next half of the year, Chang said.

After seasonal adjustments, the July unemployment stood at 3.74 percent, down by 0.02 percentage points from the previous month and 0.21 percentage points from the same month last year, according to the latest DGBAS statistics.

The statistics also show that those who graduated from university or holding a higher educational degree had the highest unemployment rate at 4.88 percent in July, compared with those having a lower level of education.

The unemployment rate among those with a senior high school degree stood at 3.88 percent and that among those with a junior high school or lower degree was a mere 2.73 percent.