ID card with e-purse function to be ready by 2017, says Interior Ministry


TAIPEI — The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) is planning to integrate the chip-embedded national identification card and Citizen Digital Certificate, and equip the resulting card with an electronic purse to facilitate usage, Interior Minister Chen Wei zen (陳威仁) said.

The integrated ID-citizen certificate card, being developed with an investment of NT$8.1 billion (US$248 million) is scheduled to begin circulating in 2017, Chen said.

The new card will also be designed to be used as an e-purse, but that function will be optional, he added.

The Citizen Digital Certificate is a card that gives holders access to government services online. With the help of a card reader, it can be used to file taxes online and to pay motorist fees and labor and farmer insurance premiums, according to the MOI.

Those are just a few of the 3,000 services the card gives users access to, Chen said.

New services added in July included applying for household registration certificate transcripts and having national health insurance premium and national pension payment receipts printed out at convenience stores around the country, he said.

As of mid-August, the number of Citizen Digital Certificates issued had reached 4.97 million cards, according to Chen.