Taiwan’s former VP to attend China’s WWII anniversary parade


TAIPEI – Former Vice President Lien Chan will attend World War II commemorative activities in Beijing, including a military parade next week, and hold a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit, an aide has said.

Saying details were still being worked out for the meeting with Xi, former deputy secretary-general of the ruling Kuomintang (KMT) Chang Jung-kung said Wednesday that Lien, a former KMT chairman, will make a “low-key visit” to Beijing as a private citizen, accompanies by his wife and a small number of close aides.

While Lien is expected to attend all the activities commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII, former Premier and Chief of the General Staff of Taiwan’s military Hau Pei-tsun said Thursday that he has not been invited to the parade on Sept. 3 and that he would not attend even if he had been invited.

Speaking through his office, the retired four-star general who fought communist forces during the Chinese civil war as well as the Japanese during China’s War of Resistance said that he has stated several times in public that he does not endorse the version of the Sino-Japanese war history as presented by the Chinese government.

The KMT government of the Republic of China has maintained that the communists played only a minor role in China’s war efforts led by the KMT government at the time.

Hau’s office denied press reports saying he was among a number of former ROC generals invited to the military parade that is being boycotted by many Western leaders in order not to lend support to China’s efforts in recent years to build up its military might.

Historical facts need to be addressed: spokesman on Lien’s China trip Anyone attending Beijing’s commemoration of the end of World War II should make clear the leading role played by the Republic of China government in the fight against Japan’s aggression 70 years ago, a presidential spokesman said Thursday.

“The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) has reiterated the government’s stance, stressing that individuals visiting China should insist on the principle of reciprocity and respect and emphasize the historical fact that the ROC government led the fight against Japan’s aggression during World War II,” said Presidential Office spokesman Charles Chen.