70 kg of gold bars missing, employees suspected of theft

By Christine Chou, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Seventy kilos of gold worth HK$23 million (approximately NT$96 million, US$3 million) was reportedly stolen from a Taiwanese businessman in Hong Kong, who woke up after a Mid-Autumn celebration with three colleagues only to find that the gold and his friends had disappeared, according to a Hong Kong newspaper. After checking surveillance cameras, Hong Kong police officers discovered the three suspects had left the employee dormitory with suitcases in their hands. The Taiwanese businessman, surnamed Yang, who works for a retailer that mainly deals with Swiss gold bars, was celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with friends on Sept. 27. After returning to the dormitory, he drank brandy with the financial executive, surnamed Lee, and two other colleagues from his company. He woke up at noon on Sept. 28 with no one left in the room, and no gold in sight. According to Hong Kong newspaper, The Sun, Yang said to reporters, “The boss planned to pick up the gold in Hong Kong, but could not make it due to an accident in Taiwan, so I came with Miss Lee. She is responsible for all the gold. When I found they were all missing from the apartment, I was very worried and had to call the police. If she was going to take the gold, she should have told me.” The Sun reported that the suspects consist of three Singaporean employees, who had lived in the same dormitory as Yang, located near their company in Hong Kong’s Kwun Tong District (觀塘區).

Investigations are being carried out by police authorities to track down the suspects and the missing gold.