Pascal Dupuis retires over health issues


NEW YORK — Pittsburgh Penguins forward Pascal Dupuis retired from ice hockey on Tuesday over a long-running medical condition that leaves him prone to blood clots. The Penguins said in a statement that Dupuis, 36, would hang up his skates after having to come out of several recent games while on blood thinners to treat the problem. “Despite playing on a medical protocol that has worked for other players in the NHL, we feel that the risk of Pascal playing with his condition and the side effects of the tests to monitor him are just not in the best interest of his long-term health,” Penguins team doctor Dharmesh Vyas said. Dupuis said he was quitting to ease the concerns of his family. “It was very difficult for me to make this decision to have to step away from the game,” Dupuis said. “My wife and four children have always been my first priority, and playing with my condition has become a constant worry for all of us.” Dupuis has battled the problem since January 2014 after he suffered torn knee ligaments and was treated with blood thinners for six months.

A clot was found in one of his lungs in November 2014 and he sat out the remainder of last season before receiving clearance in June to resume training. Dupuis played 871 career games in 15 seasons with the Penguins, Minnesota Wild, New York Rangers and Atlanta Thrashers, tallying 190 goals and 409 points.