Hung retires as deputy speaker

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan–Deputy Legislative Speaker Hung Hsiu-chu has bid farewell to the Legislature where she has served for 26 years. She presided over the lawmakers’ plenary meeting for the last time on Friday, the final day of the current legislative session before the January elections. “This is my last day at the Legislature; it is a memorable day,” said the Kuomintang (KMT) veteran legislator while talking to a group of young people during a break at the final meeting. Hung said she has had a lot of unaccomplished work over the past 26 years at the Legislature, saying the efforts of a single person are not sufficient to bring changes in a parliament where decisions have to be made collectively. She said many young people detest the constant bickering among lawmakers, but she remarked that the Legislature reflects the social situation, saying the voters and the legislators they elect are the same kind of people.

Hung is not running for re-election. She became the KMT’s presidential candidate earlier this year, only to be stripped of the candidacy later under controversial circumstances.

She said she would not limit her choices for her next step, as there are so many things that she could do. She said she has not had much of a personal life over the years, having had no time to watch videos at home or go to the movies.

Hung spent her first day of retirement from her legislative role yesterday by stumping for KMT legislative candidates in New Taipei before flying to Shanghai to meet Taiwanese businessmen working in Shanghai, according to the Liberty Times.

She is expected to solicit support for KMT presidential candidate Eric Chu from the Taiwan businessmen.