Ma vows to get Japanese to say sorry to ‘sex slaves’


TAIPEI — President Ma Ying-jeou assured Taiwanese comfort women Thursday that his administration will persistently stand with them in urging Japan to issue a formal apology and to offer compensation to them, returning to them the justice and dignity that are long overdue.

President Ma made the promise when visiting representatives of Taiwanese comfort women at the headquarters of the Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation.

Ma said that in the wake of the Japan-South Korea deal on the comfort women issue, he has instructed the ministries of foreign affairs and health and welfare to arrange a meeting with Taiwanese comfort women, their family members and executives of the Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation as soon as possible. The goal of the meeting is to ascertain the comfort women’s real sentiment on the issue, and to elaborate their concrete demands, using them as the basis for future negotiations with the Japanese government.

One of the surviving comfort women said she hopes Japan would treat Taiwanese victims in the same way as it has done Koreans.

“I am old now. I feel a big headache and a great pain in my heart as this issue remain unresolved,” she said.