NTU, NARLabs develop portable imaging system


TAIPEI — National Taiwan University (NTU) and the National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs) unveiled Thursday a portable in vivo imaging system that is just one-tenth the size of the commonly used model.

In vivo imaging system (IVIS) is used to observe animals used in tests to develop new drugs and vaccines, but the commonly used model is as big as a refrigerator and costs up to NT$13 million (US$396,371.67), according to Lin Ming-yu, an associate researcher at NARLabs.

Because of the hefty price tag, researchers in Taiwan are forced to share the fewer than 30 IVIS units in the country, Lin added.

The newly unveiled “MOVIS” portable imaging system, which was jointly developed by NARLabs and Chen Wen-hsiang, a professor at NTU’s College of Medicine, is expected to come with a price tag of around NT$2 million, the two institutes said.