Taiwanese feel less happy: journal happiness survey


TAIPEI — Taiwanese have been feeling increasingly less happy, with the happiness index in the fourth quarter of this year dropping to a two-year low of 6.36, according to the results of a poll released Thursday.

Since March 2012, the Global Views magazine’s Survey Research Center has been tracking the perceived happiness levels of Taiwanese people across different aspects of life on a quarterly basis.

The latest poll, titled the “2015 Q4 Taiwan Wellbeing Survey,” questioned the respondents on overall wellbeing, health, satisfaction with living standards, social connectivity and income, to gauge levels of self-satisfaction.

The poll results show that Taiwanese individual’s self-satisfaction score stood at 6.36 points, down 0.1 points from Q3 and a record low since 2013.

However, the overall happiness score of the Taiwanese public was rated at an average of 4.67 points, down 0.03 points from Q3 but also a record low since 2013 Q4.