Air pollution set to worsen in the south over next 3 days, temps to drop: CWB


TAIPEI — An approaching cold front will not bring in new air pollutants but the air quality will remain poor in Southern Taiwan over the next three days due to poor conditions for atmospheric dispersion, a senior official responsible for air monitoring said Sunday.

The Central Weather Bureau forecast that under the influence of the cold front, the weather will be cold and wet in the north over the coming week.

Observing that the cold front is not very strong, Tsai Hung-te, director of the Department of Environmental Monitoring and Information Management under the Environmental Protection Administration, said the chances of the cold front bringing air pollutants into Taiwan are not high.

Thanks to high water vapor levels, the air quality in the north will not become worse, Tsai said. “But in the next three days, the central and southern areas will be affected by poor conditions for atmospheric dispersion, under which the air quality will become increasingly worse in the afternoon.”

At night, the concentration of fine particulates in the air will surge, said Tsai, reminding people with a vulnerable physical condition to take precautions.

The air pollution in the south could diminish after Jan. 14, if precipitation occurs that day when the area will be affected by a band of rain in southern China, Tsai said.