Temps dip as the first cold spell of ’16 arrives Sunday


TAIPEI — The first cold spell of the year is set to arrive on Sunday and is expected to send temperatures down to below 10 degrees Celsius around Taiwan, the Central Weather Bureau said Monday.

The first cold wave could begin to affect Taiwan on Saturday with temperatures forecast to drop to the lowest levels on Sunday and Monday, the bureau said.

The mercury could dip to 8 degrees in Taipei and 7 degrees in open coastal areas on those days, the bureau said, cautioning people to dress warmly.

Coupled with moisture in the air, temperatures below 10 degrees can feel much colder than the actual reading. Meanwhile, temperatures from Monday through Saturday are forecast to hover between 11 and 19 degrees in Northern Taiwan, 12 and 23 degrees in Central Taiwan, 14 and 26 degrees in the south and 15 and 22 degrees in the east, bureau data shows.