NTU punishes Macanese student for killing stray cat


TAIPEI — National Taiwan University (NTU) on Monday decided to punish a student from Macau for his involvement in a cat abuse case that stirred widespread public outrage.

The student, surnamed Chen, was given two major demerits and two minor demerits after the school’s Student Disciplinary Committee met to discuss the case, NTU Chief Secretary Lin Ta-te said.

He said such a punishment was tantamount to placing Chen on probation, under which he could be expelled if he commits another mistake in the future.

Chen was found to have tortured and killed a popular stray cat named “Big Orange” near the school late last month.

The incident caused widespread anger, with over 14,000 netizens endorsing a petition demanding that NTU expel the student.

On Monday, Chen issued a statement through the university to admit his mistake and apologize to the public.

Chen said he felt guilty for hurting a weak creature simply because he lost control emotionally.

He begged for the forgiveness of residents in the neighborhood and said he hoped that the incident could draw people’s attention to the safety of stray animals so that they can receive better care.

He said he will accept the punishment handed down by the school and the justice system and will engage in volunteer activities in the future to make up for his mistake.