Foreigner impressed with ‘helpfulness’ of Taiwan police force


TAIPEI — Police in Hsinchu County have impressed a foreign student with their helpfulness by driving the student back to his school over the weekend after his bicycle had a flat tire.

Tugdual, a French national studying at National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu City, rode his bicycle from the school to scenic sites around Emei Lake in Hsinchu County on Saturday, according to Hsinchu County police.

After arriving there, he noticed that his bicycle had a flat tire, and he decided to walk with his bicycle to look for help.

After a walk of more than 10 kilometers, Tugdual came to the Baoshan branch office of the Hsinchu County Police Bureau and nervously used gestures to try to communicate with police officers there because he does not speak Mandarin well.

The police officers, however, could not understand what he was trying to say. They calmed him down and used simple English to communicate with him.

After understanding his problem, the police officers immediately drove the student and his bicycle back to the university in a van.

On the way back, the student repeatedly expressed his appreciation to the police officers and praised Taiwanese police for their efficiency and kindness. He also had a photo taken with the police officers as they said goodbye.