Croatia ends its political impasse with approval of a new center-right gov’t


ZAGREB, Croatia — Croatia’s parliament has approved a new center-right government led by Canada-educated financial expert Tihomir Oreskovic, ending more than two months of political deadlock after an inconclusive general election.

Lawmakers endorsed the government Friday with 83 votes for and 61 against after a heated debate over some of the proposed ministers whom the opposition accused of being political extremists.

Outlining his program, Oreskovic pledged much-needed reforms in one of the EU’s poorest performing economies.

The country’s Nov. 8 election was inconclusive. The small Most party, which emerged a kingmaker after the vote, decided to form the new government with the conservatives, ending a four-year rule of the center-left coalition.

Hundreds of human rights activists have gathered outside the parliament to protest against the new culture minister whom they accused of spreading far-right ideology.