Weather warming up, but rain expected from today


TAIPEI–Taiwan started warming up on Tuesday after being caught in an intense cold wave over the previous three days, but the sunny weather is expected to last only one day.

From today through Monday next week, a cloud system from southern China and seasonal northeasterly winds are expected to bring rain across the country, the Central Weather Bureau said Tuesday.

The heaviest rainfall is expected to hit Taiwan on Thursday and Friday before easing up on Saturday, leaving only Northern and Northeastern Taiwan with occasional showers, the bureau said.

Despite the rain, temperatures in the coming days will be at much more comfortable levels than they were during the cold spell, the bureau said.

From Wednesday to next Monday, low temperatures will hover between 14 to 16 degrees Celsius in Northern Taiwan, 13 to 16 degrees in Central Taiwan, 14 to 16 degrees in the south and 16 to 19 degrees in the east, according to bureau data.

Temperatures on Tuesday, meanwhile, were moving away from the single-digit and even below-zero readings seen in much of Taiwan on Sunday and Monday morning, with highs expected to reach 18 degrees in the north and over 20 degrees in Central and Southern Taiwan, the bureau said.