Taiwanese Shanghai startup center welcomes youngsters

By John Liu ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A youth startup incubation center established by Taiwanese businessmen opened up in Shanghai on Saturday.

The incubation center welcomes entrepreneurs from both sides of the Taiwan Strait. It provides assistance of various forms to assist in a youth’s entrepreneurial journey, including legal counsel and capital obtainment. The startup park spans 23,000 square meters in area and can house up to 200 companies. About 30 firms have decided to move in, including some specializing in e-commerce, optics research, energy development and electronic material. Lu Yung-kuei (呂勇逵), the president of the startup center, said many Taiwanese entrepreneurs came to China without a good knowledge of local culture and political background, and that his 25 years of business experience can help, in terms of finding distribution networks in China or securing commerce associations’ resources. Li Cheng-hung (李政宏), head of the Shanghai Association of Taiwan, said the new incubation center will serve as an exchange platform for Taiwanese and Chinese youth, as well as connecting entrepreneurs and capitalists. The center’s edge lies in its better service and government policy support, Li added. The better service will come out of Taiwanese merchants and their distribution networks in China, Li pointed out. More than 50 distinguished businessmen from Taiwan will take part in knowledge and experience tutelage. Two teachers will be assigned for each startup on average, Li said. The incubation center is going to be like the “parental home” for Taiwan’s young entrepreneurs, Li said. An entrepreneur whose e-commerce enterprise spans across Taiwan, Shanghai and Tianjin said he chose the Shanghai base for its “the empty-handed (person) can still create” principle. He agrees with this idea as these are the conditions under which one starts a new company, the entrepreneur said. Hsin Pin (辛濱), the head of machinery company China Bingtuo, said he chose the Shanghai base over a pre-selected suburban location for the services provided. The new office, which is scheduled for a March move-in, will focus on research and development.