Five otter pups make their public debut at Taipei Zoo



TAIPEI — Five otter pups that were born last year made their public debut on Monday — Children’s Day in Taiwan — to the delight of many visitors at the Taipei Zoo.

The five pups, born on Nov. 16 weighing around 100 grams each, started to learn to swim with their mother Nina about two weeks ago to facilitate their debut in the zoo’s otter enclosure.

They were very curious about their new environment and would sometimes stand still or chase after their mother wherever she went.

Their keeper said otter pups tend to remain in the same place and call out whenever they don’t see their mother or siblings, and wait for their mother to rescue and comfort them. The pups are used to being with the mother and were scared and turned frigid when they met their father for the first time. But they have since grown used to the father, named Hugo, and have even begged for food from him. The zookeeper discussed the growth of the pups on Monday afternoon and will introduce the fluffy pups in another presentation on Tuesday.