Taipei IN Style to feature local, int’l designers with ‘Fashion Magic’ theme


By Arik Wu, Special to The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The 13th Taipei IN Style (TIS, 台北魅力展) is set to kick off at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (松山文創園區) on April 14 to showcase the latest fashion items from both Taiwanese and foreign designers, according to the event organizer.

TIS is one of the most important fashion shows in Taiwan. First launched in 2006, the show not only serves as a platform for the fashionable apparel made by gifted designers from around the world to be seen internationally, but also allows these designers to learn about the latest fashions in other parts of the world.

Speaking during a pre-event press conference held yesterday, Justin Huang (黃偉基), secretary general of the Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF, 中華民國紡織業拓展會), the organizer of the trade show, said the TTF will be working with the Ministry of Culture (文化部) for the first time at next week’s event. With a cultural blend from Han ethnic groups, aboriginal tribes and Japanese and European colonial eras, Huang added that young Taiwanese designers should put to use such a unique and vastly diversified background. This year’s show features 83 exhibitors in 95 booths from countries including Japan, South Korea and France. Professional seminars, trade shows, and house shows will also be held during the event. “This show has become an international platform,” Huang continued.

Sponsored by the Bureau of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Economic Affairs (經濟部國貿局), the fashion show will run from April 14 to 16 with the theme Fashion Magic (時尚魔法秀). Please note that the first one and a half days are only for professionals. School groups, students and visitors are welcome to the show any time after 12 p.m. on April 15. For more information, visit