CIB warns of dating app fraud using China’s MoMo


The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB, 刑事局) has warned of the risk of fraud when using dating apps after many individuals have been taken in by fraudsters. In a released statement, the CIB said many fraudsters have used instant messaging applications to lure potential victims into fraud schemes. In one example, a man surnamed Wang was recently tricked into a scam when he was defrauded of NT$100,000 by a woman he met on the Momo dating app. The CIB noted that Momo is a popular Chinese location-based instant messaging application that allows smartphone users to chat with people nearby.

According to the CIB, Wang received a message from a woman who claimed to be a flight attendant who was desperate in need of money while using Momo. The woman, who claimed her surname was Ku, said she needed the money so that her relative in China could undergo emergency surgery and she promised she would gave him the money back as soon as possible. Wang later wired NT$20,000 to a designated account, but the woman did not return the money as promised.

More than NT$100,000 later went missing from his bank account before he realized he had been tricked into a scam and reported the case to the police.

Police investigations revealed that the real Ku was a victim of identity theft, whose photo the fraudster used to lure Wang and potential victims.

The CIB warns individuals to be aware of this kind of scam.