US top diplomat Moy lauds Taiwan as a top source of int’l students

By Joseph Yeh ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The U.S.’ top envoy to Taiwan on Friday praised Taiwan as one of the top sources for international students to America as the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) held a special Student Visa Day event to welcome local students who will soon be heading to the U.S. for study. In his address at the event, AIT Director Kin Moy welcomed around 60 Taiwanese students who have just finished their visa-application interviews for their upcoming studies or exchange programs in the U.S. this summer. “Students studying in the U.S. are a vital part of our people-to-people exchanges and we are very proud that Taiwan is such a large source of foreign students studying in the United States,” Moy said.

The event, held at AIT’s Consular Waiting Room in Taipei, was held for Moy to congratulate Taiwan students on their acceptance into study and exchange programs in the U.S. and to mark the conclusion of their student visa application process. Citing statistics, the AIT head said that each year the U.S. welcomes foreign students to attend more than 4,000 accredited American universities and colleges. Taiwan is the seventh largest sender of foreign students to the U.S. It is the fourth largest sender of foreign students to the U.S. per capita, according to the AIT. “We welcome students from Taiwan to study or do exchanges in the United States. Our goal is to make that process as fast and as simple as possible,” Moy noted. He said most student visa applicants will only have to wait for two or three days to schedule their visa appointment and it only takes around 30 minutes for one applicant to finish their visa interview. The director said the AIT is making the process as easy as possible because these students “represent the future of people-to-people ties between Taiwan and the U.S.” as education is an important link between the two sides. Aside from offering consular services, Moy said the AIT’s EducationUSA center offers information and educational opportunities for Taiwanese students.   The AIT also offers programs that address employment and opportunities as well as jobs after a Taiwanese student completes their education in the U.S., he added.