Docudrama features joint crackdown on fraud ring


JAKARTA–A documentary drama on the cooperation between Taiwan and Indonesia in busting a fraud ring based in the Southeast Asian country in 2015 hit television screens in the Asia-Pacific region Saturday.

“The Mafia’s Manager,” a nearly hour-long program based on a police investigation into a fraud ring in Indonesia and a subsequent raid in August 2015, premiered on the Crime + Investigation channel in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and several Southeast Asian and Pacific countries.

The raid of several locations in Jakarta led to the arrests of more than 90 suspects involved in a telecom fraud ring, including a record 86 Taiwanese caught by Indonesian police in a single operation.

Indonesian police also seized cash, diamonds and gold worth around 10 billion Indonesian rupiah (US$764,235) during the raid, which was launched after a months-long investigation conducted jointly with Taiwanese authorities.