College to offer performance courses to new immigrants

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Interior Ministry’s National Immigration Agency (NIA) recently inked a cooperation agreement with National Taiwan College of Performing Arts (NTCPA) that promises to offer more avenues of learning for new immigrants to Taiwan. NTCPA has several departments, including courses of study in Chinese opera, Taiwanese opera, Hakkanese opera, traditional music, acrobatics and dance among others.

The agreement was signed Nov. 30 between NIA Director-General Ho Jung-tsun and NTCPA President Chang Rui-bin.

Chang said the college has previously performed for functions organized by the Foreign Ministry and that the student body already includes children from immigrant families in Taiwan.

Chang hopes that the agreement with the NIA will give these youngsters more opportunities to perform and at the same time give them more opportunities to understand traditional Taiwanese art forms. Ho added that the agreement between the two parties would help pool and develop creative talent, but would also encourage foreign students to study aboard, helping them hone their skills in Chinese and Taiwanese performing arts.