Citi announces McWilliam’s Wines exclusive offers

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Citibank Taiwan hosted a media luncheon in Taipei to announce its newly-launched rewards program for earning extra cash rebates and rewards points from today through the end of March 2017.

During the four-month event, Citi cardholders can enjoy up to 3 percent cash rebates or get 10 times the amount of bonus points if they make five purchases, each amounting to over NT$888, with group registration consisting of more than 100 members. In addition, Citi plans to give out an extra 10,000 red envelopes per month. During the event period, those who make five purchases — each amounting to more than NT$888 — can receive a chance to participate in the prize draw. The largest prize is NT$888,888. The more you shop using your Citi credit card, the better your odds are at winning prizes. A total of 40,000 red packets are set to be given out. In 2015, Citi launched its new rewards program for the first time, allowing cardholders to earn a maximum of 3 percent cash back or to earn 10 times the number of bonus points if they sign up for the promotion with their friends, said Yunny Lee, Citibank Taiwan Business Manager of Global Consumer Banking.

She added that this event had not only won great acclaim from Citi card members, but had also enabled the activation rate of the Citi credit card to exceed more than 80 percent — a figure that has long remained first place among issuing banks in Taiwan. The latest data from the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) showed that average monthly spending on a Citi credit card is NT$6,670 — a figure that has also ranked high among credit card issuers on this island. Such statistics suggest that the events and promotions initiated by Citi meet customers’ needs. Citi also announced exclusive offers with Australia’s well-known winery McWilliam’s Wines. Citi cardholders who use any Citi credit card on over NT$3,000 in dining and beverage purchases at its select restaurants can enjoy a complimentary bottle of red or white wine recommended by McWilliam’s Wines. As the year draws to a close, many people have started to plan trips for the approaching year-end holidays. Citi also partnered with Airbnb to provide promotional offers. From today until Nov. 15, 2017, customers who swipe their Citi credit card to book a room for the first time can enjoy an NT$1,200 discount after NT$6,000 in purchases. Through Airbnb, Citi cardholders can experience a truly unique stay at millions of hotels in more than 34,000 cities and 191 countries. Meanwhile, those who use their Citi credit cards at the 40 designated travel agencies from now until the end of February 2017 can get an exclusive limited-edition gift upon enrollment and can earn a maximum of NT$1,000 cash rebates on installment plans.

Citi cardholders can also enjoy additional 2 percent cashback on overseas spending that accumulates NT$20,000 on a single day. During trips in Japan, South Korea and the Philippines, Citi card members can also enjoy special offers for unlimited internet access with at least NT$149 per day.

Courtesy of Citi Bank, Taiwan

(From left to right) McWilliam’s Asia Pacific General Manager Garrick Harvison, Citibank Taiwan Business Manager of Global Consumer Banking Yunny Lee and Citibank Taiwan Credit Card and Unsecured Lending Group Senior Vice President Calvin Lin announced Citi’s newly launched rewards program and the exclusive offers with McWilliam’s Wines.