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Amazon has revealed plans for a grocery shop without a checkout process, where customers will instead pay for the goods they have selected via an app. 亞馬遜計畫開設一家不設收銀台的實體雜貨店,顧客挑選好商品後通過應用支付即可。

The Just Walk Out shopping experience uses the same types of technologies found in self-driving cars. 這種“即選即走”的購物模式使用了與無人駕駛汽車同類型的科技。

The system detects when items are taken or returned to shelves and tracks them in a virtual shopping trolley. 當顧客從貨架上取下或放回商品時,該系統可以檢測到變化,並在虛擬的購物車中記錄商品行蹤。

Once the shopper leaves the store, their Amazon account will be charged and receipt sent to them. 一旦顧客走出商店,他們的亞馬遜帳戶就會被扣除相應的消費額,並收到收據。

The first shop is expected to open to the public in Seattle in the US in early 2017. 2017年年初,位於美國西雅圖的第一家亞馬遜實體雜貨店將有望對公眾開放。

“Grocery retail is a crowded sector, and customers have incredibly high expectations of the Amazon brand,” said Natalie Berg, an analyst at Planet Retail. 星球零售諮詢機構分析師娜塔莉•伯格說道,“百貨零售市場飽和,而顧客對亞馬遜的線下銷售格外期待。”

“If they’re going to differentiate, they’ll need to translate the fantastic customer experience that they have created online in a physical store setting. This is no easy feat. Removing the traditional checkout process does exactly that.” “如果亞馬遜想要獨樹一幟,他們需要將其線上上創造的超凡購物體驗落實到實體銷售中。這絕非易事,但摒棄傳統收銀程式這一舉措卻的確做到了這一點。”

Customers will swipe into the store using the Go app. It will use computer vision, sensors and deep learning algorithms to keep track of what customers are picking up off the shelves. 顧客將通過Amazon Go軟體(掃碼)登入商店。系統將會使用機械視覺、感應器和深度學習演算法來跟蹤記錄顧客從貨架上選取的商品。

Amazon has spent four years developing the shop. 亞馬遜已投入四年時間研發這一實體百貨店。

“Despite significant investment in store technology, the checkout experience has been largely ignored,” said Ms Berg. 伯格表示,“儘管商家在商店的技術層面投資巨大,但顧客的結帳體驗卻一直以來被大大忽略了,”

“Retailers have made a lot of progress on mobile payments as a standalone option; however, very few have been successful in moving towards a comprehensive mobile wallet and thereby addressing the problem of long queues. This is where Amazon comes in.” “零售商們視野狹隘,在實現移動支付上勞心勞力,卻寥寥有人致力於全程電子支付,以解決排隊長龍的問題。而這便是亞馬遜的獨到之處。”

The shop will offer ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options made fresh every day by on-site chefs or by local kitchens and bakeries. 亞馬遜這家便利店還將提供即食的一日三餐和零食小點,均由廚師現場製作或當地的餐廳和西點店烹飪。

Grocery essentials such as bread and milk will also be on sale alongside Amazon Meal Kits, with all the ingredients needed to make a meal for two in about 30 minutes. 諸如麵包牛奶一類的生活必需品,以及所有快速製作一頓二人餐所需的食材,也將在餐包一旁出售。

This is not the first time a grocery retailer has attempted innovation in the US. 這並不是百貨零售商在美國的首次創新。

Tesco disposed of its Fresh & Easy shops in 2013 after the small convenience stores focused on healthy foods proved unpopular with US shoppers more used to extensive choice. 樂購旗下的新鮮便利超市(Fresh & Easy)主營健康食品,但在偏好廣泛商品選擇的美國消費者中遇冷,遂在2013年被樂購轉讓。

Amazon already has physical book shops in the US. 亞馬遜已在美國開設了實體書店。

But some users feel the company has not quite got the retail experience right, saying it feels more like an “annex to a website”. 但一些用戶覺得亞馬遜沒有找對零售業的方向,認為實體書店更像是“網站的一個附屬品”。