‘The Navy never sleeps’: Video documents life on the front line

By Joseph Yeh, The China Post

“The Navy never sleeps” is the message featured in a video released Monday, which depicts Navy personnel working around the clock. The three-minute film posted on the Navy’s official Facebook page comes as military recruitment figures continue to lag amid what some say is a decline in the public’s appreciation and respect for armed forces personnel. The video begins with a shot of an amphibious reconnaissance team undergoing rigorous training, which is labelled 00:19 a.m.

As the clock reaches 03:43 a.m., viewers get a rare glimpse at the locally-developed Hsiung Feng III (雄風三型飛彈) “Brave Wind” surface-to-surface supersonic anti-ship missiles, while Navy personnel are shown maintaining arms combat readiness. At 05:27 a.m., submarines are seen patrolling Taiwan’s waters. The video also shows the training, drills, maintenance and surveillance that navy personnel carry out every day. While most Taiwanese are sound asleep, thousands of Navy personnel are safeguarding the nation on the open sea, in remote mountainous areas and elsewhere, Navy Command Headquarters said in a Facebook post that accompanied the video. “There is no vacation for the R.O.C. Navy, as it always stands on guard to defend the country and to protect the welfare of Taiwanese people,” the post read. The Navy also presented its 2017 calendar on Monday along with the short film. The promo video is available at https://www.facebook.com/ROCNAVY.tw/videos/692194234292301/ Images captured from the Navy’s official Facebook page.