Nutrition & Taste: B alanced Nutrition and Delectable Taste 2016 First Annual Camel Cup Bread Competition Ceremony

Lian Hwa Industrial Corporations

From international bread, Taiwanese sweet bread and sandwich competing categories, Lian Hwa Industrial Corporations hopes all competitors bake the perfect product consumers expect.

Camel Cup, sponsored by Lian Hwa Industrial Corp. and co-sponsored by the NKUHT Baking Management Department, Taiwan Ambassadeurs Du Pain, US Wheat Associates and China Grain Products Research & Development Institute, the first annual baking competition, held it’s finals and ceremony here at Taipei City Vocational Development Institute on December 22nd.

Lian Hwa Industrial Corp. CEO Mr. Charles H.S. Ching expresses, the main purpose of Camel Cup’s bread baking competition is to show the bakers’ professional ability, and furthermore present the evolution of baking. He hopes to encourage more young bakers who wish to be involved in this business by presenting this competition. The main point of this competition is to be directed to the basic ways of making and inventing bread. At the same time, the competition also emphasizes “Nutrition & Taste”, to fit the future market’s needs.