Forum to focus on globalization

Ways to create a more inclusive globalization model will be discussed at the Boao Forum For Asia’s annual conference 2017.

BFA Secretary General Zhou Wenzhong said on Monday that the theme of the four-day conference would be “Globalization & Free Trade: The Asian Perspective”.

It will be held March 23 to 26 in Hainan in southern China and will cover four modules: globalization, growth, reform and the new economy.

The opening ceremony will kick off on March 25.

“A more inclusive globalization will be the keynote of the annual conference,” Zhou said.

To champion the goal, a plenary session following the opening ceremony will bring together prominent leaders from international organizations, businesses and academic communities to explore the issues of globalization.

The conference has so far planned 42 official sessions and 12 private sessions, covering a broad range of topics including Asian regional cooperation, the Asia-Pacific free trade zone advocated by China, global economic sub-health, the limits of monetary policy, reform of the supply side, labor market, industrial design and the sharing economy.

More sessions are expected to be added in the next three months, and BFA welcomes diversifying topics from different social sectors, Zhou added.

The 2017 conference will invite six or seven heads of state and government, as well as more than 80 international organization leaders and ministers of economic affairs.