CAL’s A350 wins best design awards


TAIPEI — The business class cabin of China Airlines’ (CAL) new A350 aircraft has been given a thumbs-up by TheDesignAir, the world’s leading aviation design resource, garnering the Best New Business Class and the Best Business Class Design awards for 2016.

The carrier’s A350 cabin won both the titles under the TheDesignAir Readers Poll Awards and the TheDesignAir Awards for 2016, and was praised as a product that “reflects the 777 cabin, but with an all new colour and trim and new hard product details.”

“The original cabin was designed by Ray Chen, but the China Airlines design team have added flourishes to act as a point of difference between the A350 and the Boeing 777-300ER business class cabins,” TheDesignAir commented.

The Readers Poll Awards and the TheDesignAir Awards are TheDesignAir’s annual rating on carriers that focus on aircraft cabin design and brand.

“Each year, we will award carriers that have considered brand, product and design in their passenger experience, and our internal criteria means that only the very best products matched with a strong design ethos and enhance (rather than hinder) the experience of the passenger will be found on our shortlist,” said Jonny Clark in a Jan. 5 report on the 2016 TheDesignAir Award.

Clark, a senior aviation brand consultant, set up TheDesignAir in the United States in 2012 to provide people with the latest news and reviews of the world’s very best aviation products and designs.

Since then, has conducted the design rating and presented its awards each year.