Hilarious ‘Hanky Panky’

By Chris Chang, The China Post

Just days before clocking in the New Year, nationally-applauded Taiwanese veteran comedian Chu Ke-Liang (豬哥亮) walked into the campus of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (國立屏東科技大學), which hosted a film lecture for his latest action-comedy “Hanky Panky” (大釣哥), an event that attracted thousands of students and parents to flock the university’s lecture hall. During the event, Chu did exactly what he does best for years, filling up the entirety of the 90-minute event with heartwarming laughter and tears. Whether it was his charismatic charm or hilarious dramatics, his competence and capabilities in acting were often overlooked, said Director Huang Chao-liang (黃朝亮) as the film’s release date of Jan. 26 closes in. “Hanky Panky” focuses on martial arts master Lan Da-diao (藍大釣) and his son, respectively starred by Chu and Lan Cheng-Lung (藍正龍), who use a secret herbal plaster to treat all kinds of ailments suffered by the community residents. Huang noted that even though this was already their second time working together, ever since the production of “The Wonderful Wedding” (大囍臨門), he was in awe of Chu’s remarkable acting. He was expecially impressed when shooting a scene of Chu’s character witnessing his son being sent to jail after a series of intertwined incidents.