Breeze Group serves up 150 exquisite new year gift offers

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — With the Chinese New Year holiday drawing near, the Breeze Group has readied over 150 kinds of exquisite souvenirs and gift-box offerings to best serve customers and allow them to enjoy a wonderful lunar New Year holiday, according to a press release issued by the group.

At Breeze Super, premium-grade caviar coupled with French man-made wax-sealed wild mullet roe, popular raw Iberico hams from Spain, top-class truffle giftboxes, high-quality olive oil and Balsamic vinegar giftboxes from Italy are available for consumers to choose from as Chinese New Year presents to relatives and friends.

In terms of medium-price giftboxes, wooden boxes of aged steak imported from the U.S. and Tasmanian lamb cutlets are among many popular options for consumers.

In addition, a series of traditional local specialty food products are also available for consumers, including hand-made pork sausage sourced from Yilan County, Karasumi-branded mullet roe from Tainan City, various Chinese biscuit boxes and others.

Furthermore, all the group’s theme restaurants and five shopping halls also offer a wide selection of Chinese dishes to serve consumers’ demand during the Chinese New Year festival, whether they eat out or at home. Japanese cuisine, seafood and wine are also available there.