President-elect facing ambitious list of things to do starting on his first day in office

By Ken Thomas and Josh Boak, AP

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump campaigned on a detailed and extensive to-do list for his first day in office. A day before his swearing-in, his team was being coy about when and how he plans to cross items off it.

As he’s assembled his new government, Trump has backed off some of his promised speed, downplaying the importance of a rapid-fire approach to complex issues that may involve negotiations with Congress or foreign leaders. On others issues, he’s affirmed his plan, indicating significant policy announcements may be teed up in the first hours and days of the Trump administration.

On Thursday, transition spokesman Sean Spicer said Trump would issue two executive orders on trade soon. On his Day One list, Trump said he would formally declare the United States’ intention to witdraw from the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, which he vigorously opposed during his campaign as detrimental to U.S. businesses and workers. He also promised to declare his intention to renegotiate the 23-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement or withdraw from the deal.

“I think you will see those happen very shortly,” Spicer said.

Other issues likely to see early action include energy, where he’s likely to undo regulations on oil drilling and coal, and cybersecurity, where he has already said he will ask for a report on the strength of the nation’s cyber defenses within 90 days of taking office.

He’s also made broad promises to upend immediately President Barack Obama’s immigration policies, although some of those vows may be difficult to keep.

The president-elect has said he sees Monday as the first big work day of his administration, his effective Day One. Trump said at his first post-election news conference last week that people would “have a very good time at the inauguration” but his team planned “some pretty good signings on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday, and then also the next week.”

The real estate mogul is expected to sign some paperwork on Friday. He must formally nominate members of his Cabinet, in order to allow some of them to be voted on by the Senate. The transition team has also said he may sign executive orders — some logistical, others focused on his agenda — that will kick off his administration.

“Specifically we’ve focused in the president-elect’s direction on a day one, day 100 and day 200 action plan for keeping our word to the American people and putting the president-elect’s promises into practice,” Vice President-elect Mike Pence said during a briefing with reporters on Thursday. Pence, who chaired Trump’s transition team, added: “We are all ready to go to work. We can’t wait to get to work for the American people.” Many Specifics