City councilor accused of domestic violence in alleged tirade against mistress

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A scandal involving allegations of domestic violence and infidelity against Taipei City Councilor Tung Chung-yan took a fresh twist Tuesday, after reports Tung launched an online tirade against his former office director and alleged mistress Chiu Hui-mei. A new report published by a local tabloid on Tuesday said Tung uploaded photos of Chiu together with a shirtless man to a Line group chat in which both were members. He then reportedly railed against his former office director, claiming to be the “most foolish man alive,” adding that he had “more photos which could be used against Chiu.” Chiu responded to the posts by announcing that she was “leaving Tung,” before removing herself from the group chat. After Chiu left the group chat, Tung continued to post, saying he had been “left in the dark” about Chiu’s apparent relationship with the unidentified man, the report said. Tung then reportedly posted that he had become “the biggest joke under the sun” adding that even his career had gone to waste. The Taipei City councilor had publicly professed his affection for Chiu on Jan. 26, after a local tabloid published photos of the pair apparently on a date. Tung made the confession at a press conference held to respond to allegations of domestic violence and infidelity made by his wife Li Hsiu-huan.

“All my fault”

After declining requests for an interview following the new allegations, Tung released a statement in a second Line group for members of the press, in which he suggested that the man in the photo could be Chiu’s ex-boyfriend. He refused to either confirm or deny that the conversation in the group chat with Chiu had taken place. Tung denied that he was in a relationship with Chiu, urging the press to stop “making it difficult for her.” “Due to some wrong things I’ve said, it’s causing immense pressure on Chiu … (I’m) extremely sorry for the inconvenience I have caused her.” Tung said Chiu had decided to leave her position as his office director, adding that the scandal was “all my fault.”

Wife Undecided, But Fearful

Tung also revealed in the press corps group that he had asked a mutual friend to arrange a reunion dinner with his wife Li last Friday. He refused to confirm he and Li were set to divorce, saying that he would wait until his wife “cooled off.” Li confirmed in an interview with local media that Tung had invited her to dinner, but added that she was “unsure and fearful” of accepting, citing past threats made by Tung toward her. She said she would consult her lawyer before taking any action regarding a divorce or a restraining order.