Smart voice tech dawns

ANN@The China Post

Education, homes, healthcare, driving … turn intelligent

Imagine this: you ask “someone” around you to book a hotel room in a nearby suburb. And then the person not only makes the reservation for you but reminds you to pack more clothes due to the low temperature there. Isn’t that sweet and warm?

Only, the kind “person” is a voice-controlled virtual assistant in real life. These days, such assistants could come in the form of household appliances, an intelligent rearview mirror or a speaker.

The intelligent voice technology is receiving the spotlight in various fields: smart homes, intelligent driving, healthcare and education.

Unisound, a voice recognition and processing technology provider in China, is one of the players that are pioneering application of artificial intelligence in the field of voice technology.

Seeing the internet of things as a future trend, the company provides AI chips, AI user interfaces and AI services for intelligent voice functions for companies and institutions.

Huang Wei, chief executive officer of Unisound, says the conversation will be the next big way to interact with things.

“I agree with the vision articulated in ‘Conversation as a Platform’. Voice is the most natural way to connect. With the development of smart devices, voice interaction will become the future trend.”