Meet a good boy: Xiao Guai is always smiling

The China Post news staff

A ban on euthanasia for strays came into effect in February, a milestone policy that shelters across Taiwan have been struggling to accommodate. Many public shelters are reducing the number of animals they accept, while private ones don’t have extra capacity to absorb the fast-growing stray population. The China Post is partnering with trusted local rescuers to introduce one animal each week. These are mostly ones that — because of their coloring, age, medical needs or other traits — have been overlooked by would-be adopters.

Meet Xiao Guai

This is Xiao Guai (小乖). A volunteer noticed him sitting alone one day by the North Cross-Island Highway in Taoyuan, far from town. The next day, the dog was still there, and the volunteer took him off the streets and cleaned him up.

This very friendly boy was found with a collar and had likely been left on the highway by a passing driver. He was covered with fleas and later diagnosed with heartworm.

Now flea- and heartworm-free, he is as handsome as they come and ready for a family.

Waiting for: 5 months Estimated age: 2-3 years Health: Great

Weight: 15 kg To meet: Contact (English and Chinese)