Round the Island: A peacock gets collected

By Enru Lin and Shane Rothery, The China Post

Round the Island is a weekly roundup of news you can’t use from every nook, cranny, crook and granny on this beautiful rock.

PINGTUNG COUNTY Peacock: collected

A barber in Pingtung wasn’t sure what to do when he found a beautiful peacock that was very lost.

He resorted to the interwebs, posting on social media that the rightful owner could claim the bird at his barbershop by Shuangci Matsu Temple.

“It is very good at struggling and so we don’t know how much longer we will keep it. If it struggles and therefore runs away, there is nothing that we can do,” he said, adding the boilerplate warning that people should not try to claim the peacock for the purpose of taking it home to eat.

“Asking the village chief to make an announcement on the public broadcasting system should be a bit faster — or maybe even reporting it to the police station,” an online friend advised.

Local media reported later that the owner had been found, thanks to a public service announcement by — you guessed it! — the village chief.

Chinese Television System reports that during its stay at the barbershop, the peacock had refused to be held by all strangers but the barber, leading him to believe that he was in for a year of good luck. (It’s a Chinese folk belief. Google it.)

HSINCHU COUNTY Romance lives!

Forget roses. As a gift to his wife on Valentine’s Day, a 61-year-old rice farmer cultivated a field of 80,000 cosmos blossoms that he manicured into the shape of a heart.

Located by Xinzhongzheng Bridge near the Qionglin Interchange in Hsinchu, the huge heart was a hit with locals after its grand reveal and has even attracted sporadic flocks of tourists with cameras.

The United Daily News reports that the farmer and his wife were born on the same day in the same month of the same year.

“This is a rare instance of fate that you can’t find even with a lantern,” he said.