Meet a good girl: This one really loves to play

The China Post news staff

A ban on euthanasia for strays came into effect in February, a milestone policy that shelters across Taiwan have been struggling to accommodate. Many public shelters are reducing the number of animals they accept, while private ones don’t have extra capacity to absorb the fast-growing stray population. The China Post is partnering with trusted local rescuers to introduce one animal each week. These are mostly ones that — because of their coloring, age, medical needs or other traits — have been overlooked by would-be adopters.

Meet B1

This is B1 (逼萬), named because she was found in an underground parking garage. She is a mixed breed cat who is full of energy.

B1 loves to play with the other animals in her shelter, both cats and dogs, but she is especially fond of people. She warms up to strangers quickly. Come visit her and she’ll be wrestling with your fingers in no time. Get her relaxed and she’ll nestle in your arms and let out oh-so adorable purrs.

She is up to date on her vaccinations and her blood tests are all clear. Plus, she has already been weaned off milk, so you can feed her solid food the day you take her home.

Estimated age: 2 months

Current location: Taipei

To meet: Contact (English and Chinese)