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A TOP secret CIA report claims a troop of former Soviet Union soldiers gunned down a UFO only to be ‘turned into stone by the surviving aliens’. 美國中央情報局一份最高機密的報告稱,一隊蘇聯士兵曾擊落一架不明飛行物,但卻被“倖存的外星人石化”。

The report in question, created on March 27 1993, is a translation by the CIA of a report from the Ukrainian newspaper Ternopil vechirniy. 這份受到質疑的檔建檔於1993年3月27日,由中央情報局翻譯自烏克蘭報紙Ternopil vechirniy。

The declassified document includes allegations 23 soldiers were killed by five ETs from the flying saucer after a deadly encounter in Siberia. 根據這份解密文檔,23名士兵在西伯利亞的一次致命遭遇中被飛碟中的5名外星人殺死。

The document – which can be found on the official CIA website – is a translation of a report from a Ukrainian newspaper. 這份文檔翻譯自烏克蘭一家報紙的報導,可以在中央情報局官網找到。

The newspaper reports of a 250-page KGB dossier on the UFO attack, which included pictures and witness testimonies. 新聞報導稱,這份250頁的不明飛行物襲擊檔來自蘇聯國家安全局,其中包括圖片和目擊證言。

The report stated the flying saucer had appeared over a military unit training in Siberia. 報導稱,這架飛碟出現在西伯利亞的軍事訓練現場。

One of the soldiers is then said to have taken it down with a surface-to-air missile. 據稱一名士兵用地對空導彈將飛碟擊落。