In support of truth

The China Post news staff

In normal times, the truth does not need any support. It is self-evident and universal. These are, however, not normal times. We live in a world where the explosion of information distracts people from what’s real and gives liars the means to spread their seductive untruths; a time when politicians are emboldened to use the power of their office to discredit, sideline and intimidate news media outlets that dare to report unflattering facts about them; a time when people increasingly personalize their “news sources” based on their tastes and personal beliefs instead of the sources’ track records; a time when it is fashionable to challenge all forms of the establishment as elitist and to embrace amateurism as authenticity. The world must adapt to changing times, but the truth is not something that can be alternated. On Sunday, the New York Times ran a costly commercial during the Academy Awards broadcast, days after the newspaper and other outlets were barred from a White House press event. The ad closes with: “The truth is hard. The truth is hard to find. The truth is hard to know. The truth is more important now than ever.” We at The China Post support news media outlets that strive for the truth in the face of daunting challenges. Perhaps it is easier, especially now when times are hard for news media, to pretend that there can be more than one truth, to masquerade lies as alternative facts, to give people what they want regardless of its truthfulness. But it is exactly because times are hard that the truth is more important now than ever.

In its 65 years, The China Post has changed with the times. The one aspect we refuse to change is our old-fashioned belief in our duty to find and present the truth. The truth is not always easy, it is not always cheap and it is not always straightforward. But it is certainly never too much to ask for.