Pizza Hut touches a nerve with ‘politically incorrect’ 228 special

By Christine Chou, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Pizza Hut was shellacked on social media Tuesday, as Facebook users called out the popular pizza chain for offering the most “killer” promotional discount in history to “party hard in celebration of” 228 Peace Memorial Day — a national holiday dedicated to the victims of a bloody government crackdown that had resulted in the deaths of thousands 70 years ago. “The most killer deal in Pizza Hut’s history is on offer for a limited time only: For every takeaway large pizza you order online, we’ll throw in two small pizzas and one 8-pc BBQ chicken for free,” said the pizza chain.

“Hurry and click to order. Enjoy the precious extended holiday with us — a pizza in one hand and BBQ chicken in the other!” After getting hit by online backlash, Pizza Hut later apologized for its choice of words on its Facebook page, adding it had made corrections and promised to be more careful in the future. “This isn’t just incorrect word usage, it’s their lacking some basic knowledge about Taiwanese history,” one Facebook user criticized in the comments section under the original post. “The ancestors, friends and family were killed in the incident, and your company is ‘partying hard in celebration.’ How wonderful,” another comment read. Pizza Hut wasn’t alone. In the past, other companies have been called out for offering insensitive deals to customers during the 228 holiday, which many Taiwanese use to go on vacation and other relaxing activities. In the run-up to 228 last year, local amusement park Leofoo Village (六福村) received immediate criticism and boycotts when they offered tickets to any visitor with the numbers “2” or “8” in their identification number for the price of NT$228.