Get your cups ready for Chiayi tea exhibition

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Chiayi County Magistrate Chang Hwa-kuan (張花冠) has extended an invitation to local and foreign visitors alike to come visit the annual International Tea Culture Exchange Exhibition taking place in the Central Taiwan county from March 18 to 27. Speaking at a press conference Thursday announcing the event, Chang said that the exhibition last year attracted almost 100,000 visitors. Apart from performances and exhibitions of teas and tea utensils, the event this year will add more attractions, such as outdoor teahouses, nighttime activities and special tea-based cuisine, the magistrate said. The main attraction will be an “artistic tea space” created by artist Chen Shu-chiang (陳淑強) for a show blending “tea art” with Chinese as well as Western music, Chang said. There will also be a new activity allowing visitors to make Hakka pounded tea, a mixture of ground tea leaves, sesame and peanuts in hot or cold water. The exhibition is intended to showcase the tea culture of the Alishan area, which is famous for its tea farms.

The event will also feature master tea brewers from Japan, South Korea, mainland China, India and Turkey. Demonstrating Taiwan’s tea art will be Yeh Siu-li and Kung Chien-an from two local tea associations, Chang said.

For the exhibition of tea utensils, the displays will be 60 items made by ceramic artists from 18 countries or areas, including the Netherlands, Argentina, Italy, Britain, the United States, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.