Foreign Ministry report highlights China pressure

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Chinese pressure is considered one of the biggest challenges facing the government’s efforts to bolster Taiwan’s international presence, according to a preview of a report by Foreign Minister David Lee.

Lee will report on his ministry’s work to the Legislature’s Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee on Monday, with a preview of the report highlighting Taiwan’s bid to attend the World Health Organization-run World Health Assembly as an observer for the ninth time.

The Foreign Ministry said it had continued to extend it expectations to the WHO in the in hopes of receiving an invitation. The preview said that the government had been actively seeking support from diplomatic allies and friendly nations in order to continue to partake in the assembly in “a meaningful way.” Taiwan’s attendance at the assembly sparked political controversy last year, after the WHO cited the “One China” principle and the resolution that expelled the Republic of China from the United Nations in 1971 in its invitation. Lee will also touch on a number of other diplomatic challenges, including U.S. President Donald Trump’s policies for worldwide strategy, security, economy and trade and immigration. The preview of the report noted that since Trump had taken office, he had met with the leaders of the United Kingdom, Japan and Canada, and announced the U.S.’s intention to back away from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The preview said the government had also taken account of the interaction between Trump and Chinese leadership. Monitoring Trump The Trump administration’s future plans for the Asia Pacific, in terms of military strategy, security, economy and trade, as well as with maintaining relations with the U.S.’s neighboring countries, could vastly effect Taiwan’s political and economic landscape as well as cross-strait relations, the preview warned.