Citi celebrates International Women’s Day by promoting diversity in the workplace

The China Post news staff

Global bank Citigroup celebrated International Women’s Day around the globe on March 8 to appreciate female colleagues’ selfless dedication to work, family and society.

Citigroup pointed out that creating a diverse and inclusive workplace culture is a business imperative at the bank and it cherishes each of its employees regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin, or nationality. In particular, recognizing female colleagues’ outstanding contributions and paying tribute to them are one of the priorities for Citi every year. Citigroup celebrates International Women’s Day around the globe in early March each year.. Citibank Taiwan has made “Be Yourself, Love Yourself” a central theme in this year’s events running from March 7 through March 10. During the four days, a series of warm and informative activities are organized, not only enabling female colleagues to rejuvenate body, mind and soul, but also demonstrating the spirit of Citi, which promotes diverse cultures and maintains gender equality to create a happy workplace for its employees. The first round of celebrations kicked off on March 7 and March 8. Paulus Mok, Citi Country Officer for Taiwan, led senior management to visit the bank offices and branches in northern, central and southern Taiwan, handing out gifts to Citi’s colleagues in a bid to express the company’s sincerest gratitude and appreciation to them. Citi also arranges aerobics classes, lectures on beauty and parent-child relationship, and a movie night which shows the Oscar-nominated Hidden Figures, as part of the celebrations. In particular, a Ladies’ Night forum was held after work on March 7, in which Jaclyn Tsai, former Minister without Portfolio of the Executive Yuan, was invited along with Citibank Taiwan’s President Christie Chang, Country Business Manager of Global Consumer Banking Yunny Lee and Country Human Resources Officer Winifred Dente to share their ideas on women in the workplace and exchange their views on challenges in their life and work in an effort to encourage female colleagues to get involved actively and continue moving forward.

“With the advancement in our society, there is a growing awareness of gender equality and respect for diversity. Creating a harmonious and friendly workplace for employees is an indispensable part for companies to promote sustainable development. Meanwhile, embracing diversity and inclusion can help companies strengthen their core competitive edges,” Mok said. “Citibank Taiwan has been a benchmark in the industry thanks to its open and diverse corporate culture. We not only place emphasis on developing employees’ potential, but also attach great importance to the interaction and communication between Citi and our employees. We believe that only happy employees can embody Citi’s innovative spirit.” As the leading financial institution with its expansive global footprint, Citi has taken root in Taiwan for more than five decades. The bank has about 4,500 employees throughout the island. Female employees account for 70 percent of the bank’s staff. Moreover, more than 60 percent of senior management are women. Such figures shatter the stereotype of male-dominated workplace cultures in many companies. The hiring and appointment of Citi are not subject to age or gender, as the primary consideration in making hiring decisions lies in an applicant’s ability. This is why Citi sets a marvelous example of gender equality and workplace diversity.