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Disney has provided an insight into the future of its theme parks, where robotic versions of its iconic characters could soon walk among guests. 迪士尼公佈了他們對主題公園的設想——機器人版的經典卡通形象可能不久後將在遊客中穿梭。

The entertainment firm discussed plans to embrace brand new technologies at SXSW 2017, where it also showed off footage of a robot Pascal, the lizard from Tangled. 該娛樂公司在2017年西南偏南大會上,表示將計畫引進全新的技術。他們還在現場展示了一台機器人帕斯卡(《長髮公主》中的寵物蜥蜴)的視頻影像。

As if the thought of an enormous, roaming robot Mickey Mouse wasn’t disconcerting enough, Disney also confirmed that artificial intelligence will allow its robots to interact with people. 似乎覺得想像一個巨大的米老鼠機器人穿行在遊客中間還不夠令人驚喜,迪士尼還確認,人工智慧技術將使機器人能與遊客交流互動。

“I think AI and machine learning is going to be very important for what we do,” Jon Snoddy, Disney’s senior vice president for research and development, told the BBC. “我認為人工智慧和機器學習將對我們的工作有重要作用,”迪士尼研發部高級副總裁喬恩•斯諾迪這樣告訴英國廣播公司。

“Things like characters that can move around among our guests. They’re going to need to understand where they’re going, have goals, and they’re going to have to know how to navigate in a world with humans.” “比如,如果讓卡通形象在遊客周圍活動,那麼它們就需要知道自己要去哪裡,要有目標,並且它們還需要知道如何在行人中穿行。”

However, the company is also aware of some of the fear surrounding AI, and Mr Snoddy added that Disney will carry out tests to ensure its creations make a positive impression on fans. 然而,迪士尼公司也意識到了有些人對於人工智慧的恐懼。斯諾迪還表示,迪士尼會進行檢測,以確保機器人給遊客們留下好印象。

“Obviously we’re not the business of scaring kids!” he continued. “That won’t be part of what we deploy. We go and do tests in our parks to gauge the reaction and try and understand what kids find entertaining about these things.” 他還說,“很顯然,我們不想嚇唬孩子。這不是我們要做的。我們會在園區內進行一系列評估遊客反響的測試,並嘗試理解孩子們對這些機器人的興趣點。”

“We’re not going to put up a sign that says ‘Look! Artificial intelligence’, because no-one would come to see that. They really come to be moved emotionally, that will not change.” “我們到時候不會張貼一個標誌,寫著“看!這是人工智慧”,因為不會有人來看這個。遊客們來這裡只是為了尋找感動,這一點永遠也不會變。”

A recent report found a number of security vulnerabilities in existing robots, and warned that criminals could exploit the flaws to gain control of them in homes and workplaces. 最近報導發現,現有的機器人存在很多安全隱患,並且警告稱,犯罪分子可能會利用技術漏洞控制家用或工作用機器人。

“Hacked robots could start fires in a kitchen by tampering with electricity, or potentially poison family members and pets by mixing toxic substances in with food or drinks,” it read. 報導稱,“受到駭客攻擊的機器人可能會篡改電路,從而使廚房起火,或者可能會在食物和飲用品中混入有毒物質,從而毒害家庭成員和寵物。”

“Family members and pets could be in further peril if a hacked robot was able to grab and manipulate sharp objects.” “如果受駭客攻擊的機器人能夠接觸到並操縱利器,家庭成員和寵物還有可能面臨更多危險。”