Student investors simulate their way to NT$100,000

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Following an intense eight-week competition, the winners of Franklin Templeton Investments Investment Competition were announced on Sunday, March 26.

The competition attracted 1191 of Taiwan’s college students comprising 394 teams to engage in online investment simulations that featured the TAIEX, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index, and the Hang Seng Index.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Professor Chu Yun-peng (朱雲鵬) of the Asia Pacific New Economic Association said that “participating in this competition was a learning process not just for the skills of investment and trading but also on how to be a good person.” After all, Chu said, trading in the stock market had its up and downs, comparing these fluctuations to the different changes and challenges that people face in life itself.

A representative of Franklin Templeton Investments was present to give out the awards to the teams that came in first, second, and third in the competition.

QFC, a team of four juniors from Taiwan’s National Tsinghua University, won first place in the competition.

When sharing their thoughts on winning the award, a team representative said that the key to their success was “not giving up.”

The team had reportedly run up a giant loss after the first week of the competition, but after careful discussion and work delegation, the team’s performance rebounded, landing them first place in the competition.

The first place prize was a trophy and a check for NT$100,000 (US$3,300), while the first and second runners-up, “I’m called Wang and I live next door”(我住隔壁我姓王) and “A red carp, a green carp and a donkey”(紅鯉魚與綠鯉魚與驢) respectively, took home NT$50,000 and NT$20,000 each.

Asia Pacific New Economic Association, which assisted in hosting the competition, took the opportunity to announce a summer enrichment program for students interested in investment banking.

The program will take place in Shanghai, China, according to an official from the association, where 30 selected students will participate in a weeklong learning program.

After the week is over, 10 chosen students will remain in Shanghai for a month-long internship with TANO China Capital.

Asia Pacific New Economic Association is actively rolling out new initiatives to students to continue their discussion and learning of trade and investment outside the classroom, so Chu considered this award ceremony “the beginning rather than the end.”