Xiaomi launches Mijia robot vacuum cleaner

By Christine Chou, The China Post

Mainland Chinese tech giant Xiaomi officially launched its Mijia Robot Vacuum, an automated vacuum cleaner, in Taipei on Monday, as the Chinese brand explores new markets amid a decline in phone shipments as competition grows. Henman Lee (李佳峰), Xiaomi Taiwan’s General Manager, said the Taiwan version of the robot cleaner will feature recordings of real human voices from Taiwanese radio personalities, adding that their goal is to sell more than 10,000 vacuums in the first month and generate more than NT$100 million in revenue. “Our company is very confident about this product, and we hope to become number one in the local service robot market,” said Lee. Xiaomi’s cleaner is priced at NT$8,895 per product, which is good value when compared to the competition charging more than double that price point. The Mijia Robot Vacuum will go on sale in Taiwan starting April 6 at 10 a.m. The machine is able to map rooms using its laser distance sensor and can calculate the most efficient route on the fly.

The introduction of the new product is part of the company’s broad plans to become the Muji of the country’s tech sector, launching the cleaner under its new smart home brand Mijia. The concept was taken from Muji, a Japanese retail company that sells a wide selection of household and consumer products. Xiaomi’s Air Purifier 2 and Mijia Smart LED desk lamp are some of their popular connected home appliances in Taiwan. “Taiwanese consumers are highly demanding in terms of the quality and refinement of products, so if we can meet the demands of consumers here, it shouldn’t be much of a problem for us to move into other markets,” added Lee.